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Before and After School Age Programs

YMCA School Age Programs located in Strathroy provides a vital service to families in the community, with programs that deliver a stimulating learning experience to children in a safe and supportive environment before and after school. We help to enrich family life by providing the opportunity for parents to seek employment or education, outside the home. YMCA School Age Programs are fully inclusive and are designed to meet the needs of each individual child.

Gab Session - The gab session will usually take place during snack. During this time children can talk about “hot topics”. This is a chance for children to discuss life events. By providing a supportive environment and a healthy sense of self we are helping our children to grow into global citizens! Topics included are the Y values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility in addition to healthy lifestyle choices and the children’s “hot topics.”

Arts - To produce art the child needs to evoke an experience, idea or feeling and find symbols to express it. There is no right or wrong way of doing art as everyone has their own sense of creative expression. Educators provide the children with the experience and the materials they need to create their own version of art. As children being to appreciate the different ways others view the world and express their perceptions, they become more tolerant and accepting of those who are different. Not limited to visual arts! There is opportunity for creative movement, drama, music and different mediums for visual arts.

Science and Technology - Curiosity and wonder at the workings of the world should be nurtured and celebrated at every stage of a child’s development. Science is the knowledge of both the physical and natural world. Science is divided into 3 disciplines: Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Educators help establish a life long love of science and nature by providing opportunities and experiences that enhance a child’s natural sense of wonder.

Technology - Is an integral part of the everyday life of children. It is a form of knowledge that applies concepts and skills from science and math to solving problems using material, energy and tools. The methods of technology involve inventing or modifying structures, systems, or processes using exploration and experimentation.

Physical Activity - Health Canada recommends that children ages 4-12 are vigorously active for at least 60 minutes per day. Let’s get these kids moving by engaging them in gross motor activities every day. Physical activity reduces stress, strengthens heart and lungs, increases energy levels, helps keep a healthy body weight and improves a child’s outlook on life. Regular physical activity is essential for growth and development.

Clubs - By participating in clubs, children learn to develop a sense of belonging. They learn a lot about themselves and others by belonging to a club. Choosing clubs that tie with interests, children will feel a sense of accomplishment, develop friendships both new and old, and learn teamwork and new skills.

Literacy - Educators provide intentional literacy activities such as reading clubs, providing books at sign in time in the afternoon, to creating reading buddies and allowing time for homework. In addition, unintentional literacy activities such as pointing out words while walking down the hall way and counting the number of classrooms in the hall are included.

Read our School Age Parent Handbook
School Age Fees (rates)


7:30a.m. – School Bell

School Bell – 6:00p.m.


  • Our Lady Immaculate School Age Program, 75 Head Street North
  • North Meadows School Age Program, 82 Middlesex Road
  • St.Vincent de Paul School Age Program, 286 McKellar Road
  • Mary Wright School Age Program, 3213 Carroll Street W
  • J.S. Buchanan Public School, School Age Program, 248 Keefer Street
  • Sacred Heart School Age Program, 148 Ann Street, Parkhill (also serving Parkhill West Williams)

Your child does not have to attend the schools above in order to participate in our School Age Programs.

Please call 226-973-9849 for more information.


*Please note that these are PDF forms and require Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to view these forms, download and install Acrobat Reader. If you are still having problems accessing the forms, please contact the Strathroy-Caradoc Family YMCA  by phone at 519.973.9849 or by email to Michelle at mlalich@ymcawo.ca

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