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Drop-In Y Programs

Active and Creative Kids (6-12yrs) 
Offers a variety of activities for children aged 6-12 years old including sports, crafts, active games and fitness. The goal of this program is to encourage children to have a healthy lifestyle in a supervised, fun and safe environment. Come join us. There is no need to register!

Child Minding (3mth-5yrs) 
This service is included with a family membership and can be utilized by those who require care for their child(ren) while using the YMCA. Time limit: 2 hours. Come join us. There's no need to register!

Preschool Gym and Swim (3-5yrs)
This program for 3-5 year olds and includes 1 hour of fun indoor/outdoor play followed by 1/2 hour fun swim in our pool. Come join us.

Get More at the Y (Registered Programs)

Martial Arts 
Our Martial Arts program is the perfect place for your child to gain confidence in their physical abilities. Martial Arts focus on self-development skills, such as perseverance and hard work. This program will teach your child how to maintain physical fitness and teach them valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Watch as your child tests their physical abilities and grows in mind and body.

Children love to explore their creative movement in this fun environment, which is filled with songs, imagination and interpretation of music. The love for dance is emphasized as basic dance moves are developmentally introduced. Flexibility, co-ordination, agility, body awareness, confidence, strength, rhythm, and style are an integral part of the techniques and are developed in these fun classes.
  • Ballet (3-10)
  • Hip Hop (7+)
Growing Chefs 
Growing Chefs! Ontario cooking programs offered in partnership with the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario are all about having fun exploring food and cooking! Children will learn the basics of food preparation, cooking techniques, healthy eating – but most of all, they'll learn how to create and enjoy amazing food with professional chefs. 

All Sorts of Sports
Children have an opportunity to explore a variety of different sports. They will practice skills and drills and play the sport each week.

Creative Arts
Children have an opportunity to try wide array of activities that allow them the chance to express their creativity in a safe and fun environment

Y Cook
Learn how to make simple, healthy and delicious snacks and meals on your own!
Learn more about Physical literacy at the Y

Basketball (3-12 yrs) 
This program is intended as an introduction for children to develop basic basketball skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through different variations of drills and games.

Soccer (3-12 yrs)
This program focuses on developing physical literacy at a young age. Participants will participate in many fun activities that promote positive movement and help the kids create a movement vocabulary while learning the fundamental soccer skills such as passing, shooting and ball handling.

Spectrum Programs (Registered but FREE for members)

Dance Mix
A perfect program for those who would like to try out different dance styles before committing to one. You will learn fundamental techniques and short routines for each dance genre, such as ballet and hip hop. 

Preschool Dance
A perfect program for preschoolers who would like to try out different dance styles before committing to one. You will explore a number of genres such as ballet, jazz, and creative movement.

Parent & Tot / Child Cooking
Join us in this family-friendly activity where you can learn some new sweet and savoury recipes to make at home together! Parents/ caregivers and children should come prepared to get a little messy!

Baker's Dozen
This introductory baking course will teach you how to bake a variety of items including cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and brownies.

Chefs in Training
Come explore the kitchen with us! Children will learn how to make healthy recipes using basic cooking techniques with their peers.

Guitar Kid
This beginner program includes all the basics: techniques for strumming patterns, finger picking patterns, major and minor chords, chord charts, and tablature reading

Drawing & Sketching
This program builds upon each child’s artistic and creative skills. Emphasis is on increasing the student’s awareness of various aspects of picture composition.

Explore the fundamentals of musical theatre (dancing, acting, and singing) in a non-competitive environment. Participants learn famous pieces from Broadway musicals, music videos, movies, and TV shows. No previous experience required, only a willingness to learn.

Parent & Tot Arts
Parents and children will have a great time getting messy and creating works of art in this fun and interactive class.

Silly Science
Become a junior scientist and learn through experiments! Explore messy and creative science experiments with us, and have fun! All participants should wear old clothes and come prepared to get messy!


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